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​​A multidisciplinary artist .

  Born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lives and creates in Tel Aviv. 



​2017-2018   Phototherapy studies. Tel Aviv university.
2013-2015   Participation in painting workshop of painter and curator Revital Ben Asher Perez

2000 - 2013   Participation in painting workshop of painter Bruria Hassner

2011/ 2013 / 2014     The Art Students League Of New York 

2006 - 2010           Graduate of the Basis School of Sculpture,  Beit Yanai

2004 – 2006          Sculpture study with sculptor Ivy Polig.

​Faculty of Journalism and Communication  Bar Ilan University

Art History   M.A  Tel-Aviv University.

Social Work B.A. Tel-Aviv University.


A member of the professional visual artists association Israel



Solo Exhibitions

2020 The Origin of The World-Video ZAZ10TS Times Square New York
2019 Artist Wall  Art Space Gallery  Tel Aviv 
2018  The origin of the world  Art space Gallery  Tel Aviv 
2016 Artist Wall Art Space Gallery Tel Aviv
2016  Scent of a secret  Artists House  Tel Aviv 
2014 Artist Wall  Art Space TLV Tel Aviv
2011 Sub-Text Tova Osman  Art  Gallery Tel Aviv
2009 Paintings Sharet Art Gallery Givatayim
2009 Paintings Weil Art  Center Kfar Shmaryahu 
2004 Landscapes Sharet Art  Gallery Givatayim


Group Exhibitions

2020 scent of a Secret Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design Tel Aviv  
2020 Mirror Mirror on the wall... 11 Tova Osman Gallery  Tel Aviv  
2019 Mirror Mirror on the wall...10  Tova Osman Gallery.  Tel Aviv.   
2019  Israeli  Artists  The Merrin Gallery .  New York USA  
2018 Spirit of Israel.  The Eretz Israel Museum.  Tel Aviv   
2018    Women in Art. The Gallery of the Supreme court of Israel.  Jerusalem  
2018 Women painting Art  Artists House . Tel Aviv.  
2017  Low and Art  The Gallery of the Supreme  court of Israel Jerusalem   
2017 Vanishing Lands  The International Artists Museum.   Design hotel    Saturnua & Ca'Pisani Venice. Italy  
2017 A Women to her sister   Hertzelilenblum Museum Tel  Aviv  
2017 Imagination art Exhibition   Bank Hapoalim Tel Aviv  
2016    Jaipur Art Summit Jaipur. India  
2016 Hand Craft  Beit Galim 7 Haifa  
2016 Spirit of Israel  Bank Discount Tel Aviv  
2016 Secret art 8   Bank Leumi Tel Aviv  
2016 Imagination Art Exhibition   Bank Hapoalim Tel Aviv 
2015 Seasons  Art Gallery On The Cliff Netania
2015 Art&About Frankfort Germany
2015  Art Exhibition  Bank Hapoalim  Tel Aviv 
2014  Spazio Linea  Florence  Italy 
2014 Anti-Shefa  Bar David Museum  Baram 
2014  Ninth Passenger  Art Space TLV Tel Aviv
2014 Format Art Space TLV Tel Aviv
2014 Art & About Prater Linsel. Munich. Germany
2014 "I will present more..." Artists House  Tel Aviv
2014 Matter of color 5 Hangar 2. Jaffa Port. Tel Aviv.
2014 "Arik Einstein 1939-2013". Art Gallery On The Cliff. Netania
2014 Tre voci pittorici nel mondo. The new Florence Biennale Italy
2014             Imagination Art exhibition Bank Hapoalim Tel Aviv
2013 Matter of color 4 Hangar 2 . Jaffa port. Tel-Aviv
2013 Matter  of Color "Habima" Theatre   Tel Aviv 
2013 Imagination Art Exhibition Bank Hapoalim Tel-Aviv
2012 Salon d'Automne Paris est Montreuil. France
2012 Miami River Art Fair Miami,  Florida USA.
2012 Idolatry Hangar 2, Jaffa Port Tel Aviv
2012 Salon d'Automne Israel Hangar 1, Jaffa Port Tel Aviv
2012 Annual Exhibition Basis Sculpture Gallery Beit Yanai
2012 Annual Exhibition Art Gallery On The Cliff Netanya
2012 Matter of color 3 Hangar 2, Jaffa Port Tel Aviv
2012 Matter of color Ruse art gallery Bulgaria
2012 Feminine Look Performing Art Center Netanya
2012 Imagination Art exhibition Bank Hapoalim                  
2012 Secret Art 6 Bank Leumi. Tel Aviv
2011 The way of art Art Gallery on the Lake Raanana
2011 Polychrome Art Gallery On The Cliff Netanya
2011 Matter of color 2 Hangar 2, Jaffa Port Tel Aviv
2010 Annual Exhibition Art Gallery On The Cliff Netanya
2010 Sculpture Exhibition Design Space Gallery Tel Aviv
2010 Matter of color 1 Hangar 2 . Jaffa Port Tel Aviv
2009 Annual Exhibition Basis Sculpture Gallery Beit Yanai
2008 Annual Exhibition Basis Sculpture Gallery Beit Yanai
2008 Art on Art Art Gallery On The Cliff Netanya
2008 Talking Postcards Art Gallery On The Cliff Netanya
2007 Paintings Yad Vashem Gallery Jerusalem
2007 Sculptures Basis Sculpture Gallery Beit Yanai
2007 Paintings Kibbutz Tzuba Gallery Tzuba
2006 Sculptures Basis Sculpture Gallery Beit Yanai
2006 Fabrications Art Gallery On The Cliff Netanya
2006 Annual Exhibition City Hall Gallery Netanya
2000 – 2009 Annual exhibitions Sharet Art Gallery Givatayim



KET Advocates  collection

Private and public  Collections




My artwork is a merger of opposites.  On the one hand rational, conceptual and planned, and on the other hand free, random and intuitive.

In the sculpture and the installation works, the conceptual side is emphasized.  They begin with an idea, carefully planned and based on research and theory.  This is the place where I can formulate a statement, a thought or a criticism in a conscious manner.  The idea can come from personal experiences and memories, such as the sculpture "Scar", or from social critique of the consumer culture, such as the installation "Golden Calf".

The paintings are free of any formal perception or idea.  They do not come out of any conscious decision – they activate the senses in a spontaneous way and provide a base for personal and associative interpretation.  It can be said that the paintings are a kind of trace of a dream, a sort of twilight zone between sleep and waking - the moment in which the eyes are opened and start to see.  At first what is revealed is a bit fuzzy and afterwards it begins to come together and sharpen into something familiar.

My work is on the seam between the abstract and the concrete, between the unraveled and the sealed, between careful planning and free spontaneity.  On the one hand, it has order and rules that are known in advance, a world of reason and results, of solid ground.  On the other hand, there is the free world, that makes it possible to be swept away after emotions and passions, touches on the hidden, the subconscious, the world of feeling.

Even if the materials and the technique dictate process and language that are unimaginably different – expression against minimalism, unframed canvases frames against refined finish – they come from the same passion for matter, and from a language that can channel the personal together with the universal – and to excite.