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תערוכה 2009: מול הים



 About the exhibition:

"Elhanani's works are colorful and spontaneous.  Elhanani holds on to her authenticity in expressing her familiar surroundings in her works.  The works contain the curiosity and daring of a child, armed with the capability of an adult, enabling her to paint compositions with innocent happiness so characteristic of children.


The artist Emil Nolde wrote that he so much wanted to remain a child since "… an artist's creation cannot retain childishness, it loses its most beautiful echo…" 


Elhanani brings to her work an abstract and aesthetic approach to the world.  The swathes of paint are free and loose, not bound by defined shape. Here and there are hints of the figurative, transmitting associations of fixed place and time.  The colors in these works are harmonious and give a sense of movement.  The color blue, which is dominant in her paintings, speaks of her love of the sea, and her paintings contain a great sensitivity to color, such that the viewer is encouraged to experience the experience of landscape and color that Elhanani presents to us."



                                                                        Bruria Hasner, Exhibition Curator