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עומד לעוף


"About to fly"



"About to fly" is a series of four sculptured figures balanced on a wood beam hanging in space.  Each figure is a work in its own right, and together they make up an integrated work depicting different phases of an attempt to lift off from the ground and fly.  The hands/wings convey the aspiration to take flight and release oneself, while the feet are inevitably tethered to the ground, holding the body back.


The figures reflect the inherent conflict between the dream and its fulfillment, between desire and reality.  They stretch between their aspiration for liberation and the feeling of spiritual elevation, and the necessity of the safety of the ground, ensuring balance and control.  Placing the figures on the wooden beam, where they hang between earth and sky, emphasizes their balance between the opposing forces.


A streak of humor and acceptance connects the four figures to each other and to the viewer, while looking directly into their everlasting conflict.


The figures are made of polyester tinted with car paint.